Apple Computer Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak Exposed As Satanic Freemasons

Would you believe it if I told you all of them are Freemasons? RV Truth, is a great channel to learn truthful information from.

George Carlin said once “It’s a BIG Club and YOU Ain’t In It!

I’d like to add and if you were in it you’d be used like everyone else to get their agenda in place to rule the world and then you’d be in the same boat as everyone else that you stepped on along the way.

Please watch more videos uploaded by RV Truth

Russianvids or RV Truth make very good videos and he gets censored by youtube A LOT! These are the better kind of channels that speak up sharing valuable info that matters that are getting censored.

There’s a video archive that has many different channel backed up including RV Truth or Russiavids what he used to go by on youtube before they terminated his channel, luckily the video archive stores his videos to this day! So you can download them and mirror them on other platforms also if you want to help out to share the truth with others that way.

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