Frauds & Puppets of the New World Order

Controlling the world for evil!

They’ve infiltrated our good intentions. Redirected that energy. Tricked the people in the world to join their many different cults.

They don’t want us to know how things really work in this world.

They’ve stolen our free will, to feed their evil system of control which enslaves all of humanity!

They mislead everyone for personal gain of wealth and power.

Hint: They couldn’t do it without “space”.

NASA lies! Space is fake!

Space is made in a Hollywood basement

-Red Hot Chili Peppers

There’s been talk for many years now that we have some “aliens” on the way. 

Humanity has been zombified by television since it came out and radio had many brainwashed and mind controlled before that.

Now with all the new technology they have they can control life remotely with frequencies. At least they’re trying, and there’s nothing that will stop them.

Zombies and aliens in space? Not only a movie or video game, it’s real life! Here we go baby! Y’all gettin’ ready or what!

The psychopaths tell us through movies and cartoons like The Simpsons what the future holds.

Checkout the interviews and documented proof

If you see this message then somehow you were able to get around all the censorship they have in place the big pharma terrorists don’t want you knowing about the information you’ll find on this website


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